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Don’t be at a disadvantage with companies that already have BPM software.
If you don´t know the daily processes it is very difficult to make improvements or changes in an organized, predictable and manageable way.
If you are ready to start …

What is BPM?

BPM means Business Process Management

A BPM software seeks to identify, design, execute, document, monitor, control and measure business processes through BPM management software. This in order to systematize and facilitate complex individual business processes, inside and outside companies.

Benefits of having a BPM software from Estrasol

Continuous monitoring of processes to measure their performance.
Process improvement by detecting failures in a timely manner.
Creation and use of KPIs to carry out detailed control of each process.

“Get complete monitoring, visibility and transparency”

In addition to guaranteed results

With a BPM your company will obtain:

By having a management software, all communication with customers can be centralized, ensuring that customers always receive a consistent message and perceive that their requests or complaints are heard.

Transparency in all
the stages of the process.

Increase your

Increased agility

Faster decision making

If we go to the statistics …

BPM will always be in your favor …

Response time

Lost documentation

Efficiency improvement

Productivity increase

Digitization process


The BMPN2.0 modeler allows you to create graphically, intuitively and without computer knowledge.


Once modeled, it allows you to set rules, restrictions or required steps.


The operation becomes a day-to-day task, which requires the parameters, metrics and reports provided by the tool.

Start optimizing and improving the efficiency of your company.

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