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With Odoo CRM, track all the stages of your company’s sales process in seconds, from your computer or mobile.

Make your team more productive

By having a tool that allows you to organize, analyze, evaluate and manage your business opportunities.
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Telemarketing
  • Call center
  • Customer support

Why is it important to have Odoo CRM?

If you aspire to better sales results then Odoo CRM Software is the one for you.
Personal conversations with potential clients.
The chances of closing more deals.
The ROI of marketing, thanks to a CRM software.

ODOO CRM main functions

The Odoo CRM main functions include:
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    Activity and call management

    Plan activities, monitor the registry and analyze the processes of your team.

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    360 visibility

    See all the information about the great opportunities of potential clients.

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    Meeting planning

    You can do it from your mobile phone and with the Google calendar.

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    Loss measurement

    Analyze the reasons for lost opportunities and improve the sales process and efficiency.

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    Organize your customer information

    Set your customers’ preferences such as: orders, shipping modes, financial data, language, among others.

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    Configure advanced reports

    Build your own desktop or use a predefined one for advanced reports and share the filters with your entire team.

Odoo CRM integrates with all your projects



Powerful API

Google Docs



Keep all information about customers and addresses in one place

With Odoo CRM you will get a summary in real time

Odoo CRM benefits

Benefit 1

Centralize all the information in a single database.

Benefit 2

Improve productivity with the powerful Odoo CRM management platform.

Benefit 3

Convert data into information anticipating your customers.

Benefit 4

Segment your clients to carry out successful strategies.

Benefit 5

Increase your leads thanks to Odoo’s 5 calls to action and its a / b testing tool.

Benefit 6

Provide a correct follow-up and retain your customers.

Benefit 7

Increase customer satisfaction and control with Automatic Odoo Surveys.

Benefit 8

Increase the probability of closure and higher consumption.

Benefit 9

More than 25 marketing applications to drive leads along with a search engine optimization tool.

Comparison of Odoo with other CRM software

USABILITY AND PRODUCTIVITY Salesforce CRM Enterprice Zoho CRM Sugar CRM Pipedrive Odoo CRM On-line
Lead management
Sales quotas
Email integration
Website call to action
Automated Actions

Estrasol: Odoo Gold Partner

As a Odoo Gold Partner, the management software with the best experience and usability on the market, Estrasol offers a complete service based on your business needs.
  • Developing
    Our specialized team will adapt and implement Odoo CRM according to your company´s opportunities and features.
  • Technical support
    You have support and training at all times, in this way we can ensure the correct functioning of your CRM Odoo System
  • Upgrades
    Always receive in a timely manner all new Odoo CRM implementations so that your system is always up to date.
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