Customer relationship management (CRM) software

Better known by its acronym in English CRM (Customer Relationship Management), customer relationship management is a software that helps make company personnel work with processes achieving greater efficiency.

As a business grows, more personnel are required, there is an increase in contact with customers and the ways in which communication with them is diversified.

The problem arises when the different areas of a company do not have the correct information and this leads to errors. Here it is very important to have management software that makes it easier for us to have all the information and processes in one place so that everyone in the company can access it.

From having a record of customer databases, orders placed, tracking visits, calls and emails sent to prospects, among other things, a CRM serves us by giving us a better order and structure to which each person has access. work in place.

The CRM management software has the purpose of covering those systems where specific information on the interaction with customers is stored using the history that is in the databases in order to improve and retain a good relationship with them and, as a result, we will have greater involvement with clients, understanding their needs and improving follow-up.

Benefits of having a CRM Software

Having all the information organized and understandable helps us to adequately follow up, analyze and anticipate interactions with customers that will help us increase our sales.

It is a facilitator of the internal communication of a company. It acts as a means of communication between employees since it performs updates in real time and this allows everyone to consult and be aware of the processes when they enter the platform to consult it.

By allowing automation, it improves processes and the time in which tasks are performed. In the same way, it optimizes the way the company works by reducing the time used.

Areas that improve with CRM

The three areas that improve with Management Software are commercial, marketing and customer service.

As for the commercial area, since CRM is a set of practices to bring the company closer to its customers, much more can be learned about each of them by giving information to the company that will benefit them. And it is that when businesses grow, there comes a point where close contact with buyers is lost, which causes the relationship to be lost by depersonalizing the brand. That is why the software for customer relationship management was born, to recover those more personal ties.

For the marketing area, take every opportunity to turn it into marketing and be able to get all the potential that you have with databases. This means that products can be marketed better and benefits productivity. It allows us to create very focused campaigns and target who our buyers really are, identify potential opportunities, segment our target audience more easily, among many other things.

Regarding sales, a module is included to be able to take action and collect more data. It helps with the automation of cross-sales, makes it easier for you to make sales forecasts, have reports available that allow analysis and generate leads to create greater sales opportunities.

CRM Odoo

This software helps you track all stages of the sales process from an electronic device easily and quickly. It allows you to manage calls, plan activities, analyze processes, consult the information of potential clients, schedule appointments and meetings from your cell phone, improve the sales process, organize orders and shipments.

With CRM Odoo you can have all the information in a single database, anticipate your customers, plan strategies that lead them to success, increase leads, follow up with customers and achieve an increase in their satisfaction.

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